Service Providers

Add the power of mobilizing Apps & Workspaces to your services portfolio.


Workspace-as-a-Service with NetConnect

Designed from the ground up for growing companies with staff located outside the office, our WaaS solution allows you to provide a quick and efficient path for improved operations and business development.

More at Once

Effortlessly manage and install workloads across multiple platforms; on a cloud environment, or on premise on a physical environment.

Completely Scalable

A solution that grows with the company. Add one license at a time as staff come on board, or update licensing options to suit changing business needs. All from our simple to use NetConnect Dashboard.

Save Time & Money

Seamless integration into existing systems eliminates expensive & labor-intensive deployment processes and installation difficulties, giving valued time back to technicians and engineers.

Easy to Manage

Onboard clients in a fraction of the time and manage them all from the one location, reducing the need for individual onsite support.

Want to enhance your delivery of mobile working solutions?

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