Netilla Becomes NetConnect

Built on a solid base, NetConnect takes Netilla to more powerful, more productive heights!

Welcome to Enterprise Mobility Redefined - with NetConnect

You may remember Netilla, a product developed by Ultra AEP that was industry acclaimed for its ingenuity & simplicity of use. NorthbridgeSecure acquired the revolutionary remote access product in 2014 & has since enhanced the platform to bring you truly clientless mobility. 

The NetConnect philosophy is to create a simple & secure enterprise mobility experience, offering a feature rich product for our users, including;

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Truly Clientless

A truly clientless interface experience – with no local installation required, NetConnect enables a comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ mobility for users.

HTML5 Interface

With a fully enabled HTML5 interface, users are always connected & mobile wherever they are in the world, with the ability to connect to their office environment using any web browser, on any device.

No Java Reliance

You may remember the complications of Netilla with its integration of Java throughout. For NetConnect we’ve removed any and all reliance on Java, creating a streamlined experience for IT managers & users.

Local Printing

With NetConnect users enjoy a universal printing solution allowing them to print from anywhere in the world, using a local printer with zero configuration.

Device Agnostic

With 2 brand new mobile apps for iOS & Android and universal device compatibility, users are empowered to work with their Device of Choice, keeping everything they know & love. Simple & Secure – as it should be.

Changes to the server side are just as impressive!

From a back-end perspective the changes from Netilla to NetConnect are simply dazzling;

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Virtual Appliance Included

A brand new NetConnect virtual appliance is included at no additional cost.

Greater Connectivity

NetConnect enables connectivity to a host of systems & protocols including;

  • Remote Desktop Servers
  • Telnet & SSH Servers
  • VNC
  • File Storage

Vulnerabilities Controlled

We’ve worked hard to ensure all SSL and TLS security vulnerabilities are covered and checked on a regular basis, reinforcing the security of your environment.

Features You Love

With all these upgrades, we haven’t lost sight of what made Netilla great… so we made these features even better;

  • Integration with the back-end environment (Active Directory, SMB)
  • Two-factor authentication integration
  • Fully-encrypted communications (exclusively through https making it NetConnect firewall-friendly

Discover The New Netilla - NetConnect

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More Information

All existing Netilla customers automatically qualify for the equivalent NetConnect licenses & feature upgrades. Contact us below to find out how to upgrade today!

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