Introducing NetConnect

Transform your business and subscribe to future ways of working.

What is NetConnect?

Purpose built for the SME market, NetConnect will transform your business and empower any organization to mobilize their workforce, adapting to the changing ways of working.

Instant Mobility

Experience totally mobility with full access to your desktop – including all legacy applications, on all devices. It’s your office in your pocket.

BYOD, the secure way

Transform your business and empower your customers to work remotely, without any complex or expensive deployment. All data and desktop applications instantly become cloud based and is securely available 24/7 via an employee’s centrally managed, policy-based access control.

Enterprise Grade Security

NetConnect comes standard with multiple layers of industry-grade security, ensuring that data is never stored on a user’s device.

Simple Installation

Allows users to enroll in minutes with no deployment or complex IT changes required.

We're for Small Businesses

Purpose built for the SME market with flexible Pay As You Grow licensing, NetConnect is the seamless, secure & cost-effective mobility solution your customers have been waiting for.

Cloud Services

If you can access a web browser, you can access your desktop. NetConnect can be installed on multiple cloud environments or even on a fully managed & installed physical appliance, on-premise.

Download the App

Available for iOS and Android, we’ve covered all bases!

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