NetConnect SupportDesk

NetConnect Support Desk

NetConnect SupportDesk (NCSD) provides connectivity to off network infrastructure, such as remote PCs or servers. Produced with the MSP in mind, NCSD allows remote access to administer endpoints or provide support, without the need for VPNs or any form of network integration.


A single MSP can install NCSD and provide secure, multi-tenanted access to their entire customer-base or partner network. Install within a cloud environment such as AWS or Azure and expand your solutions suite to include SaaS.

Access unmanned PCs sitting in a remote location, and provide 3rd parties access to internal infrastructure.
NCSD also allows access to off network corporate devices, giving the ability to conduct troubleshooting without having to install any additional software. To manage off network personal devices and provide support for VIP’s, and those with BYOD policies, support is just one install away.

All infrastructure is internally owned, maintained, and protected, keeping all connections firmly in control of the hands of the IT department. Decentralising ownership and access points reduces the risk of a compromised environment through free services such as TeamViewer, for example, keeping access to remotely manned PCs available for support purposes.

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