Love Your Files

In one place, at one time, as it should be.

LYF in a nutshell.

LYF is a comprehensive solution for organisations and employees who wish to access, and work with corporate data on their mobile device using any application of choice.


What is LYF?

An HTML5 based application that integrates seamlessly with existing business infrastructure to enable access to corporate data from any mobile device and any mobile application, anywhere in the world.

The LYF Difference

Unlike consumer oriented solutions like DropBox or OneDrive - LYF requires no migration of data to the cloud & no loss of user-access control. Live stress-free with LYF, knowing that your data is safe and sound.

Your Applications, Your LYF

LYF offers a seamless user-experience with the functionality to Preview, Edit, Upload, Download, Print & Share corporate data from any mobile application on any device. Welcome to the future of your working LYF.

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