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Next Generation Secure Remote Access

In today’s high-paced marketplace, flexibility of access to corporate data is a core requirement for any business. We’re passionate about solutions that enable businesses of any size to embrace secure remote access and subscribe to new ways of working.


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Embrace Mobility & Subscribe To New Ways of Working

Pull Back the Curtains…

Established in 2010, we’re a team of designers, developers and solutions architects with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Our vision is simple; to provide slick, easy to use, and affordable Next Generation Secure Remote Access solutions to assist ever-changing business operations and enable any-sized business to subscribe to new ways of working.


Quick & Easy

We create intuitive, user-friendly solutions to enable a more flexible and mobile workforce.

Safe and Secure

Secure is literally in our name. All our solutions come standard with industry leading security protocols.

Embrace Mobility

We create solutions that allow you to embrace mobility. Work from anywhere in the world, using your device of choice.

Tailored Solutions

The SME is at the heart of everything we do. We create solutions that address the pain points of the SME from the ground - up.

Device of Choice

We enable you to connect to your desktop or office environment from any iOS, Android, PC or Mac device. Carry your office in your pocket.

Flexible Deployment

We believe in freedom of choice. That's why we give you the flexibility to choose your preferred deployment. On-premise, cloud & hybrid - we can do it all.

Our Products


NetConnect enables you to work from anywhere, using your device of choice by connecting you to all applications and data available on your existing office environment.


LYF – Love Your Files.  Want to access and work with sensitive corporate files on your mobile device using any application of choice? No problem, just reach out for our LYF-line.

NetConnect ServiceDesk


NetConnect SupportDesk provides connectivity to off network infrastructure, such as remote PCs or servers, allowing remote access to provide support without the need for VPNs.


IT Departments
Service Providers
Software Vendors
Secure Data
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Connect and Mobilise the Office

Provide your organisation with a flexible working solution and give employees on-the-road, and working from home, the ability to connect back to your office environment. Team members working remotely are able to touch base with their office counterparts for collaboration and improved communication, and with an affordable solution that grows with the business, you can connect staff as required.

Expand your Portfolio

Add the power of mobilizing Apps or Workspaces to your services portfolio. Our solutions enable you to offer true mobility via a fully integrated Workspace-as-a-Service solution that can help increase customer stickiness and grow your business. With our easy to use and simple to manage platform, you can provision, deploy & manage multiple Workspaces, across multiple platforms, simply & securely.

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Secure and Scalable

Transforming legacy software to a mobile solution is both costly and time-consuming. Without changing a single line of code, our solutions transform any software into a mobile ready platform. The best part? Your software remains as it is today, so your customers experience the immediate benefit of mobility, with no change to their work practices.


We thought you might be. Contact us for more information or to discuss adding our products to your solutions suite.